WH Based USTZ Corporation - Tri-Gun Recruiting!

Recruitment Open!

Tri-Gun is an independent corporation based in a C2 Magnetar with a dual C5/Null Static Wormhole with Fortizar/Astrahaus support looking to recruit new members.

We Offer:

USTZ Presence with Minor EUTZ Presence
Primarily Small-Gang and Solo PVP opportunities
Excellent ISK Making opportunities
Excellent Low/Null/Wormhole roaming
Willingness to help others learn to PVP
Very Experienced Pilots
A very relaxed and laid back atmosphere

We’re looking for:

Mature pilots with a willingness to learn and better themselves
People who are up for either roaming or hanging out on Teamspeak with your corpmates!
Pilots who are willing to worship the Great Potato


We have no SP requirements, just a desire for you to PVP and have fun with others in the corporation
Ability to use Teamspeak and Discord

If you wish to apply send Livinglegend, Ztnef, Graeme Edwardson or Starconquer212 an EVEmail or join the in-game channel “Church of the Great Potato” for more information!

Still looking for able pilots eu and us time zones

Bump still looking for good people to fill our ranks and have fun

Got a heart beat? hmmm maybe you should swing by for a chat =)

Going to send you an EVE mail soon as I get home.

As they say in Tri-gun Boot camp “REEEEEEEEEE”