[WH/C2] Anomalous Existence - Wormhole PVP Corp

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Anomalous Existence [N0MEX]
Website: http://www.spatialinstability.com/
Corp Public Channel: SPIN Public

Anomalous Existence is a team-focused corp that focuses on WH-PvP. Small gang fights, 10 to 20 pilots are typical. The corp has stable leadership, excellent infrastructure in place, and well-developed operational guidelines. We expect all members to show initiative. We are a PVP first corp generally only running PVE to fund our fighting and the purchase of the next shiny ship we “need”. You are not going to get #super-awesome-mega-space-rich in N0MEX. No drama allowed. We simply don’t put up with it. And if you require an “Entertainment Director” to provide you content, this is not the place for you. However, if you are willing to work as a team and contribute, give us a shout and let’s talk.

What We Can Offer You

  • An established and well-organized corporation made up of seasoned W-space players.
  • A home within a C2 with static HS and C4. Daily small-gang PvP and occasional larger fleet operations utilizing a variety of ship doctrine.
  • Small-gang PvE; C4 and other plexing is perfectly balanced in terms of ease and reward.
  • Immediate access to Highsec space provides an easy transition to W-space living for first-timers and veterans alike.
  • A long-standing community always looking for pro-active members in both EU and US time zones.
  • Access to many different WH operationss, both in and out of alliance

What You Should Offer Us

  • Must be a mature and a team player
  • Must be active and able to show commitment (We want your main, not your alt)
  • Must be able and willing to learn and to pass on the knowledge to others
  • Our required skills need at least 6 million SP of training. This is for both your and our benefit as any less and we have found folks simply get frustrated and end up leaving.
  • We expect you to have experience in probing or be willing to learn, and do it often.
  • Be able to fly and fight n various sub-capital ships with flexible tanks and weapons

Please visit our forum to see a complete list of skill requirements We will work with pilots on a case-by-case basis if our recruiting team feels they are a good fit, yet lack skills

To apply, please visit our website and follow instructions here: http://www.spatialinstability.com/before-you-apply/ Also, please join our alliance public channel ‘SPIN Public’. Be aware that our recruitment status may change over time and is reflected in our public channel’s MOTD.

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Does N0MEX have Dagobah?

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We are still looking for some great people to come help blow up imaginary pixels in space with us!