[WH] Lethal Devotion | Hole Control | PvPers Wanted!

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A Little about us

Looking to learn how to always take the bait? Wanting to learn how magnets… I mean wormholes work? Are you looking for a place where you can recapture that small gang PVP experience? Or are you just trying to make that dank wormhole isk?

Most importantly, do you like cheese and anime? And do you know what a Wubble is?

If your answer is yes to any or all of those questions, we might be the corp for you.


LDEV is a tight-knit PvP group living in wormhole space. As one of Hole Control’s primary, English speaking members, we are looking for players of all types to expand our ranks and solidify ourselves as part of the wider WH community. We are a relaxed, IRL-first group constantly trying to better themselves and become more competitive.

Wormhole experience is helpful but not required.

We are also looking for people who are interested in content creation or junior FC roles.

Our current home is a C5 with C5 static giving us plenty of opportunities to fight or make ISK.

We are a multinational English-speaking corp based within the EU, we also have a small US contingent which we are actively expanding.

We are also looking for other smaller or like-minded corps who are open to the idea of merging. Please contact ‘Raz868’ , ‘Richard Howe’ or ‘Dr unKn0wn Tsurpalen’ for more details.

What we can offer you

  • Small gang PvP

  • Access to larger, alliance-wide content

  • Rage Rolling, evictions, roams, etc.

  • Plenty of ISK-making opportunities

  • Access to High Class PvP/E content

  • Industrial Opportunities/Infrastructure

  • Perfect PI

  • Corp Buyback

  • Galaxy Finder Mapping

  • Incentives for scouting/content creators

  • Corp-owned Rolling and Logistics/Support ships

Our Requirements

  • Omega Accounts Only

  • Must have Cloaking IV

  • Be able to fly a T3C, Drake Navy and Drekavac

  • Minimum of 10 Million Skill Points

  • In addition to the above, willing to train into our other doctrines

  • Willingness to join in and engage with your corp-mates

  • In chain, in coms policy

If you think we would be a good fit for you, and you’d like to get more information, Join our discord here or ‘LDEV Pub’ in-game.

We look forward to flying with you!

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Still recruiting players of all types!

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:


Still looking for members and potential corp mergers :slight_smile:

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Recruiting again!


Recruitment open once again!!! <3



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