[WH] Lethal Devotion | Hole Control | Recruitment Open!

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A Little about us

LDEV is a small but growing PvP group living in wormhole space. As the newest member of Hole Control Alliance we are currently looking for players of all types in order to expand our ranks and solidify ourselves as part of the wider WH community. We are a relaxed, IRL first group that is constantly trying to better themselves and become more competitive.

Our home system is a C4 Pulsar with C2/3 statics giving us plenty of content whether its PvP or PvE.

We are a multinational English speaking corp based within the EU.

We are also looking for other smaller or like minded corps who are open to the idea of merging. Please contact ‘Raz868’ for more details on this.

What we can offer you

  • Small gang PvP
  • Access to larger, alliance wide content
  • Rage Rolling, evictions, roams etc.
  • Weekly low sec roams
  • Plenty of ISK making opportunities (Gas, Solo/Fleet ratting, Data/Relic Sites etc)
  • Excellent PI
  • Industrial Opportunities/Infrastructure
  • Lucrative Corp Buyback
  • Easy access to K-Space
  • Private Pathfinder (Mapping)
  • Incentives for scouting/content creators

Our Requirements

  • Be Active
  • 15 Million SP
  • Willingness to join in and engage with your corp-mates
  • Be able to fly our doctrines or at least willing to train into them ASAP

If you think we would be a good fit for you, and want to talk to us some more and get more information, Join our discord here.

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Still recruiting players of all types!

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:


Still looking for members and potential corp mergers :slight_smile:

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Recruiting again!


Recruitment open once again!!! <3



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