WH or NULL corporation - Exploration/DED/Ratting


Coming back to the game and having few hours to play per day I am just looking for a super laid back corp where I can do exploration, run a complex or rat for a while.

So what I mean is no CTA, no (forced) PVP, no mandatory fleets/blobs/camps/bash, etc. I would love to log in, grab my boats and start roaming around freely :wink:

75M toon which has spent around 6 years in WHs and some in N.S.


Hey there you should check out Mcav we are a pvp first aliance but there are no manditory fleets and there is plenty of isk to be made here. Also no one will ever complain if you are flying nestors(pvp bait) in the static :wink:.

[C5 Wormhole PVP] MCAV. Is Recruiting Enyo Pilots

Cool thanks I will take a look at it.

Have a look here buddy everything you want.

Even though your static looks interesting/fun I am looking for something a bit more casual due to RL stuff.


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