[WH0PS] Undocked Anyway - Polish corporation for new and veteran pilots

[WH0PS] Undocked Anyway is recruiting!

We are a polish training corporation living in HS part of Derelik.
Our mission is to help new players in EVE Online but we’re looking for advanced players aswell.
We are also able to help you join larger entities within RC Coalition.

Our offer:

  • help with beginning EVE adventure
  • discord comms with both text and voice chats
  • PvE, PvP and Industry training
  • smallgang fleets mostly during weekends
  • free ships for new players
  • low 1% tax
  • chill comms
  • proper infrastructure according to your needs
  • recruitment support to larger entities

We require just one thing :wink:

  • voice comms***

***EVE is a beautiful but a bit complicated game and attempting to use only text chats is not working.
That’s why we require voice chat from you as it is much easier for us to help you with any EVE related topic.

We do not force corpmembers to move to our location, if you’re looking for a chill hangout space, its is a good place to try. When it comes to organized fleets, we will be forming in our HQ in Derelik so feel free to install a jumpclone there to show up on time while maintaining your own business anywhere you want.

Corporation activites are not mandatory. We encourage to hangout with us though :slight_smile:

In-game channel: WH0PS Public

Discord link: Undocked Anyway

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