What Could Go Wrong [3MIN.] - Nullsec/Lowsec PVP Corp

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What Could Go Wrong [3MIN] is a PVP corporation in DARKNESS, based out of sov null (Deklein), with occasional deployments to lowsec.

We’re primarily a AUTZ & EUTZ based corporation, but we do haveith a couple of USTZ players. We participate in all forms of PVP including Small gang, Blops and Larger Alliance Ops. With some members also doing industry and other such activities.

What we offer:
• Active member base, with daily fleets within alliance and coalition, offering content in all time zones.
• Good ISK making with high quality ratting and mining space.
• Logistic services to move your stuff to staging areas.
• Corp and Alliance SRP.
• TeamSpeak, Forums and other alliance services.

What we are looking for:
• Semi-experiences/experienced PVPers with >25m SPs (This is flexible, especially for players who can demonstrate PVP abilities and useful alts)
• Ability to fly or willingness to train doctrine ships (BC/BS, T2 Logi, T3 Cruisers, HAC’s)
• Useful alts (Dreads, Carriers, Cynos, scouts etc)
• PVP Activity & fleet Participation
• Decent Microphone

All applications require full API keys to be provided for all accounts.

In-game recruitment channel: “What could go wrong?”
Discord: Link
Recruitment Form: Link

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