What happened to PI market?

Just curious. I usually buy and sell PI in Amarr, but now I’ve noticed almost no appreciable quantities of P1s in Amarr, and prices for what is there is very expensive. Something changed in the past month or two and am curious as to why the huge changes. Thanks for any help.

People ramp up building stuff due to war I guess.

Or all POCO’s have been taken over and demand incredible tax. I’ve seen POCO’s with 20% tax… not really worth the effort to get P1 from there…

Assume the majority of PI comes from corps with own structures or people/groups with tax agreements.

In general the demand for PI has increased dramatically as a lot more stuff needs it in addition after the industry change.

I’ll agree with @Tipa_Riot - supply is going to be from people with tax agreements\advantages and demand has gone up. Wars do that as replacement shortfalls are filled.

I suspect it’ll be reflected in the T2 market as that re-adjusts.

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