What happened to the old minmatar tutorial?

So, I started playing eve around the end of june, 2018. I had decided to make a minmatar character, and once I got to the actual game after the character making, there was this awesome tutorial that you started within a bubble and there was a minmatar fleet commander talking to you (And with a terrific voice acting), I made a new character to play those missions again but apparently that tutorial has been nuked, does anyone know what happened to it?

They changed the NPE again.
Yeah, I really thought the one in 2018 was way better than the current one, even not for the mini skill injector.

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Dang, It was so awesome, I got really immersed into it, although it was a bit too long

no funds
minmatar is broke
and dirty
and ugly

That was their best shot at a tutorial in a fair while, I thought. Although it had some problems, and the body/head shots of the people talking to you could have been less static.

However apparently even that minimal bit of “humanization” was too much for CCP’s coding team. The tutorial suffered from several bugs that would halt progress through it for new players, and so as usual instead of fixing the issue, CCP just trashed the whole thing and went back to Aura tutorials.

While other games are giving tutorials with full 3D flying camera shots of the game, 3D animated characters, voice acting and pop-up guides… CCP is still stuck in 1999 with static headshots and blinking arrows.

(PS: All 4 factions had their own tutorial with the commander and voice acting, it wasn’t just Winmatar)

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