What should i do with this character? 7.5sp

Hey guys returning to the game after a few years and am unsure of what i should do with this characteroskold. When i was active on this guy i was using him to fund my pvp toon. So most of his skills are focused in industry and production. I was running a drug lab making boosters and quite enjoyed it but i don’t believe that it’s profitable now. So just wanted to get some other players input.
Thanks in advance.

A few ideas:

  • Use him for industry
  • Sell him as he is
  • Extract skill points and respec
  • Extract skill points, sell them, then biomass him

if you dont need the sport on the account just keep him … maybe in a bit time you see that you can use him or with a bit skilling use him for something different
if you need the sport … extract the skillpoints down to 5mill … so 5 extractors needed and biomass the rest … move his assets to a different toon :wink:


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