What's with blood raiders, like, seriously

If you do not Want Answers, why do you Ask Questions ?

You need to do something to seem intelligent because you are terribly the opposite.

After spending a few years focused on planetside affairs before returning to capsuleer circles, it’s actually reassuring to see familiar faces and philosophies here, even the unpleasant ones.

Sharisa-haani, you seem bent on placing things in neat little boxes. Humans are complex and, by their very nature, contradictory. Informorphs, by virtue of their prolonged lifespans and unique experiences. are even more so. And, as such, we all have our reasons for following the paths that we do.

You asked “why”, but then dismissed the answers. People have their reasons. The time that I spent as a pirate and an ally of the Angel Cartel and Guristas had its reasons. And they were certainly no “I’m evil, bwahahah!” They weren’t necessarily sound or healthy reasons, but there were reasons. And there is certainly a reason that I find myself currently living amongst the Amarr. Aria and I have walked the same exact paths at times, but our reasons are very different. Nauplius, Dr. Valate and Synthetic Cultist are all Sani Sabik but all for very different reasons.

You would do well to listen to the answers of their reasons. You will have a better understanding of them. What better way to understand ourselves than by understanding others?

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And this is why people should ignore you and your inane ramblings.

Napkins isn’t Sani Sabik. He did the ‘Red God’ thing for a while, but he flows like a reed in the wind to whatever edgelordism takes root in his brain most recently. These days it’s ‘the throne is vacant’, but even when he was in his ‘Red God’ phase, it was all about the only thing he’s ever about: killing Minmatar because he can’t get laid.

Nor are ‘Sani Sabik’ and ‘Blood Raider’ synonymous. There are, by all accounts, metric buttloads of non-Omir-cultist Sabik in the Fed, being all productive and crap and using only their own blood for religious purposes.

Can confirm Arrendis’s account that Nauplius switched heresies. He was even just ultraorthodox Amarr for a bit, but a certain someone decided to “free” him to the tender mercies of his bitter hatred of Matari and of his own pathologized ego so now he’s back to heresy.

Subtler heresy, but, heresy.

(Hi, Jen!)

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OK Diana.

I can’t keep up with him. Nor is that a gap that I feel willing to keep up with. I’ll just keep an eye on the CTAs for when one of his structures needs destruction. That said, thank you for the update.

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Thank you, Arrendis, for the clarification. I hadn’t intended to equate “Blood Raider” with “Sani Sabik”.

A Brief History of the Sani Sabik

A Brief History of the Sani Sabik

A Brief History of the Sani Sabik, adapted from my lecture material for the classes I teach at Kaztropolis Imperial University

  1. The Beginning

The first incarnations of Sani Sabik arose not too long after contact with the Udorians, which presented people with alternative points of view. While initially the Sani Sabik were mostly very orthodox Amarr, adhering to the strict letter of the canon Amarr scriptures, they did have some different interpretations of some of the more obscure scriptures. The major draw was the possibility of social advancement, which was important at the time, as Amarr Island was becoming quite overpopulated, nearing the limits of what was possible with the technology of the time, following thousands of years of peace following the unification of Amarr island and the crushing of Molok the Deceiver.
Eventually, the Sani sabik threatened the position of the mainstream Imperial Church, and a sectarian war was instigated by the Amarr Emperor.
Some Sani sabik escaped from Amarr Island into Udoria and into hiding.
These hidden cults and secret societies persisted for hundreds more years. Some are rumoured to exist even today on Amarr Prime.
Members of these cults and societies are sometimes called “Old Believers”, or members of the “Old Rite”, largely by outside authorities, because few, if any, have been confirmed to exist at all, and their name for themselves is unknown.

  1. First Wave Space Colonialism

The second great sprouting of Sani Sabik occurred shortly after the Amarr Empire became an interstellar power, with the construction and activation of the Hedion stargate.
Again, one of the major factors behind this, was the opportunity for social advancement, as space travel allowed people to expand faster than Imperial bureaucracy, which meant many Sani Sabik were able to set themselves up as planetary overlords on distant worlds, far from the reach of the Church’s Inquisitors.
Of course, though the Imperial machinery of state was slow to respond, respond it did, and the second Great Sabik War occurred, and once again, a great purging of Sani Sabik took place. This time, more were able to escape retribution, thanks to space travel, and the Sabik scattered in all directions aboard cryo ships.
One such scattering was the group that would become the Takmahl.
Other groups fled elsewhere, and were the founders of Sabik societies on distant worlds, a handful of which were never Reclaimed by the Empire, such as a handful of the inhabited planets of Delve.
These cults, a number of which remain active today, form a substantial segment of the population of Sabik believers of New Eden.

  1. The Takmahl Empire

The Takmahl settled in Araz constellation which is now in Kador region, and succeeded in creating a society that was mostly functional, though with significant structural problems associated with their particular belief set, and the circumstances of their evacuation from Amarr space.
While they reached great scientific achievements in bioengineering and other fields, they ultimately weakened themselves by infighting, and the final kibosh appears to have been a series of natural disasters.
When the Amarr Navy eventually arrived in the area, they found a handful of settlements, but no functional interstellar or even planetary governmental apparatus.
Many Takmahl artifacts still exist, and occasionally one might encounter cultists who claim to be “Neo-Takmahl” or some such, but they are entirely modern cults who have appropriated the trappings of Takmahl civilisation, and have no direct connection with the Takmahl Empire.

  1. The Bleak Lands

Another area settled by a number of Sabik groups was the wilderness that is now known as The Bleak Lands. The Sabik civilisations there were characterised by internal strife with sectarian violence being endemic. Many disparate groups were able to assert control over planets and occasionally star systems, but it was only fairly recently that the Blood Raider Covenant rose to prominence and was able to assert control over a sizeable area of space. Born out of extremist violence, the Covenant are one of the most militaristic sects of Sani sabik in the current era, and have set themselves up as the overlord of a majority of Sabik-inhabited worlds.

  1. Interstellar contact.

Several decades before the Covenant’s rise to power, the Amarr Empire encountered the Gallente Federation, and later the Caldari State.
This inevitably led to a number of Sani Sabik migrating to Gallente space, forming cults with significant Gallente influence, most notably in their adaptation to Gallente culture.
The Federation offers considerably greater social mobility than the Amarr Empire, which lends itself to substantial reinterpretations of the Sani sabik scriptures, such as the meanings of greatness.
In the Federation, one can quite easily become a first-rank celebrity by excelling in any number of fields, whereas in the Empire, social advancement is almost entirely dependent on the wishes of the Emperor.
Thus, Gallente-influenced Sabik often eschew the violent literalist interpretations of Scripture, and instead treat them more as metaphors - sacrificing an opponent on the Altar of God no longer means doing it literally, but instead it is metaphorical - absolutely ruining the reputation of someone is considered equivalent to putting them on an altar.

  1. Interstellar Intermingling.

With the invention of jump and warp drives, the cluster has become effectively smaller, and it is quite possible to traverse the entire cluster in hours rather than years. This facilitates the intermingling of Sabik beliefs, which results in a number of cults with radically different beliefs, so much so that one would be surprised they have any common origin at all.

I only post things like that when I suspect people to be being disingenuous (as was the case in this thread). When people are honest, I post actual things. I’m a complicated person.


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Okay, okay. Makes sense. I mean, I only just recently got out of a box of my own, can you blame me?

This thread is reaching a level of introspection that I’m not comfortable with.

Thanks for your input everyone I’ll just be quiet now so you can all be happy and celebrate I guess bye now

Agreed on all counts. The destruction of a state is a terrible thing for its citizens, but as long as the culture survives, a new state can bloom. And it would indeed not spark joy if it grew from toxic soil.

I doubt pre adult regicide allows empires to survive longer.

I don’t know much about the blood letters, but I’m pretty sure they can put people into neat little boxes when they are done with them.

But, it does seem a bit strange that they would advertise themselves with such a name, even as a spin off from the Sani Sabak. Not the best marketing decision.

To me it looks a lot like the message from heads on spikes outside the gate, or along the edges of claimed territory: “Don’t mess with us.”

Omir Sarikusa seems to be one who believes in the power of fear.

(I mean, all the pirate factions do. The Raiders just lean into it extra-hard.)

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