When a Bowhead is destroyed, what happens to the insurance of the ships inside?

If someone destroys a Bowhead with several ships being transported that have platinum insurance, what happens to the insurance contract on those ships?

Is insurance paid out for all the ships that are destroyed? If a ship “drops” after the kill, how does insurance work there?

Thanks in advance.

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Good question.

I would hope that payment is received on all insured ships that are destroyed.

I doubt there would be any payment for a ship that drops as loot since technically it wasn’t destroyed.

So I’m assuming the ships are assembled… I think insurance is paid only if they get destroyed. I abandoned a shuttle in null space once and self destroyed my pod. I got a kllmail some hours later as someone pew pew it. I still owned the ship, so I think insurance applied

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Depends on it ships inside a bowhead still count as being in possession of the person who assembled them, if they inherit the person hauling them then the insurance would be invalidated if it wasn’t the person who insured it, abandoned ships only give you mails if nobody else boards the ship before blowing it up, you would have to experiment to see which case is true but i’m bettering they count as “owned” by the bowhead pilot as that is the ship that ejects them in to space

Ummm, I’m pretty sure no insurance is payed out on ships destroyed while in the cargo hold of another ship - they are just lost. Ones that drop and are then destroyed will pay out, probably to the Bowhead pilot, but I guess most of those are just stolen rather than destroyed, especially in highsec where they would have to be suicide ganked.

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I think insurance can only go to who originally paid for it, as in Corp or player.

I’ve lost ships that players have loaned to me and they got the payout IIRC.

Edi: That may have been only for corp insurance though.


Well kinda. You are right for an actual insurance policy, but if you eject from a personally insured ship and I board it and it then gets destroyed, I will get the basic (free) insurance payout. I’m not really sure what happens in the case of the OP and a transport ship drops, but I think the ship owner likely charges to the Bowhead pilot upon ejection from the exploding ship. In that case, you are right that the Bowhead pilot won’t collect on the original policy, will get a free basic policy of their own to collect on.

If the owner stays the same however then I would imagine they collect the full, original insurance policy. Someone would need to test or confirm.

I’ll be AFKing a Bowhead in Tama if anyone wants to jump in and test this out.

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