When Aeon


Aeon look like unfinished ship. For years this ship is under construction. For how long? Please do something and finish it up! :wink:


It’s the coolest super carrier if you know how to appreciate it.

The Aeon is one of the most impressive and practical supercarriers in existence. Only some capsuleer pilots are not intelligent enough to appreciate and, more importantly, recognize the function of its form.

In a properly setup fleet (read: not the mess what capsuleers call “fleet setups”), the Aeon provides impenetrable shelter from incoming enemy fire behind its massive wall of armor for fighter and bomber maintenance, ammo restocking as well as repairing. Compare that to the Nyx, for instance, which is a wide open shooting galley; the Wyvern, where fighters in distress ram the hull when they try to fit through the needles’ eye; or the Hel, where even civilian projectile weapons can easily penetrate the rusted through “armor panels”. The Aeon shape, in contrast, is an impenetrable fortress behind your fleet’s lines.

It could benefit from a little model refresh, but the overall shape is very practical, very meaningful and looks great, too.


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