When hope dies: my fears on the development direction of the game

In what way good sir?

I love your bio.

“Liking” summary thread closures for example. Pucker up. :lips: Do you know what a sychophant is?

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Yes I do! Look in a mirror and you will see one.

Instead of mirrors you should try dictionaries. Clearly you have no idea.


Your just a perma victim. Your bio says it all.

You are less like a photographer and more like a spin doctor. I have been on both sides of that coin. But I don’t attack the innocent and helpless. And pointing out and deriding those who do is a rational matter and not the emotional one you want it to be.



I read that post. I will not bring it up again. I didn’t bother to count how many rules it broke.

It broke none. That is why you and he have a current count of zero. Its just an abuse of power, but you like that sort of thing, in the game and on the forum. And this is related to where the game is going and the justified fears of the OP.


I think the zero is in your court now. :smirk:

You have been around long enough now, Your not fuzzy. Why so bitter?

Rather than dodge cowardly, could you just admit that I broke zero rules?

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Forum Moderation Policy - EVE Community (eveonline.com)

You should have read this 1st.

See. You can’t name the rule I violated. Posting a list of rules does not help your case. You have to name the rule. You can’t. You lose.


A rule of this forum is that political discussion is not allowed.

I corrected your spelling. It used to be all the rage for the forum trolls.

You bring this up in the wrong way and in the wrong place. Contact CCP via whatever form of contact they offer. With such a good pvp record, I’m surprised your such a snowflake over a name.

Your personal insult’s and whining don’t become you.

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Let the thread die people. They just don’t care.

It’s just the way the game is. Every game has rules. If you don’t like the rules don’t play.
So far I’m not impacted much because I haven’t committed so many hours or so much money to demand change in the rules. I think you haven’t either. If you think the game is not something you thought it was aren’t you free to walk out and maybe play another game?

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Ok, ok… [censored], I’ll make a U. Now it’s literally what he asked.