When hope dies: my fears on the development direction of the game

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I realize by penning this thread I’m inviting attacks from the vocal and edgy minority that prowls these forums. I’m writing it anyway, in the hope that I can make a place for people who feel like me to discuss the matter, since the main reaction thread is so one-sided.

When the industry changes began I was excited, because they opened up the economy and economic opportunity for a much wider section of the population, and they did it without destroying anything that couldn’t be rebuilt. Sure, the industrial mogul’s operation would be disrupted on almost every level, but they will adapt to new conditions and be moguls again. They’re perfectly positioned to do so, having access to the institutional wealth, knowledge, and resources needed to weather such a storm with little to no long term impact.

The changes that have been announced since have made it painfully clear to me that this game is not the game I thought it was. I imagined this game a complex a vibrant universe with a vast multitude of ways to play: alone or with others, against the environment or against other players, for hours a day or every once in a while, with one account or many. These game modes interacted with each other in an even wider array of ways, often unforeseen and exciting ways. To me that was Eve, the breathe and scope of it. All these modes of play and all these activities having a place somewhere in the universe was the magic.

With each change since the game developers destroy more of the player culture that developed in the sandbox the last 18 years, and these modes of play and activities cannot simply be rebuilt like the industrialist’s spreadsheet. They destroy more of the game I like to play. New gates, the destruction of nullification and stabilization, the endless pandering to the CSM and its entrenched pvp nullsec interests, all of these changes are designed to force people into massive pvp blocks with fewer and fewer valid modes of play. Fewer choices. Less control. I am brought nearly to tears with frustration and a sense of hopelessness, while they sit here and call it ‘adding subtly.’ All I see is a shrinking game world controlled by players who’s only joy is to prey on everyone else and who always get what they want out of CCP at the expense of everyone else.

I will always believe that this game should have room for every kind of player, no matter what the community, or CCP, or the CSM or anyone says. I honestly don’t know if I’ll survive the destruction of much more of my gameplay, and that’s the saddest part. I’ve played MMOs for 20+ years, and I’m not usually one for doom-saying, but I feel as though there’s a noose around my character’s neck and CCP is only interested in tightening it.

I was working on an update to this thread and a revision to my predictions concerning the nullification change and softening it somewhat based on my experience on SiSi, and I made the mistake of listening to the CCP interview on TIS (link: CCP on Foundations Quadrant - YouTube).

I’m not going to continue updating this thread, because I’ve become very overloaded and very overwhelmed by the reinforcement of my worst fears. This interview caused me to swing hard back into the direction of my original post, especially as it applies to nullification, the new gates, and the influence of CSM. I also have new concerns about the forthcoming but as yet unannounced cloaking changes. (I am happy to report the fears about cloaking appear to have be incorrect, and CCP appears to have gotten this aspect of things right.) The short of it is I don’t think CCP is taking their game in the direction that drew me to it in the first place, and I’m just going to admit defeat on the matter. I’m in an extremely jaded mood at the moment, and I don’t know what that means for me in the long term.

I’d like to thank those who participated constructively on either side of the debate during this discussion. Fly safe.


In before the :salt: storm hits.

Your new, try having CCP pull the rug out from under you for 12 yrs…


Just here before the lock.


This isn’t something they can do because it’s not something they can relate to. They read about some change to the mineral tables and immediately interpret it as “there goes CCP catering to the scumbag griefers again, taking yet another bite out of PvE and sandbox gameplay to appease the sociopaths.” And they have no idea that a decade ago you could kill players just by inviting them to your fleet, and that Megacyte was worth ten times as much as it is today (and all of this while the player population was twice today’s figure). They simply don’t know and/or understand how we got to where we are today.

Also, the whole trying to make a thread to commiserate about the sandbox being destroyed, while insulting an entire subsection of players whose play styles don’t align with your own, in the first paragraph, is just so ironic that I can’t even.


I was waiting for Scoots but…

I agree, but age, the game and ISD Batman have been a bad influence on me. Now I’m calmer.

The game going ptw for the entitled seems to be the norm. So be it. I adjust.

Maybe the op should read the what I miss about eve thd before complaining…


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I had something to say but reailzed that OP is most likely a troll. Especially when I got to the vague and nebulous parts about CCP destroying “player culture” and stuff like (despite actively adopting memes surrounding player culture (gate to stain, T2 Salvage drones, etc.).

Nah, just a whiner.

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@MB_ThePhotographer , @Destiny_Corrupted , and @Scoots_Choco
It’s kind of weird reading this, on one hand I’m pretty new as Eve goes and see what the original poster is talking about, I had the same ideas, or maybe misconceptions about what Eve is, or was. On the other hand I am also aware of the fact that I have gotten in late on a huge amount of history, don’t understand why things are happening the way they are, and dislike a good deal of it.
I’m about as non-specialized as an Eve player can get, I do a bit of just about everything, have been almost everywhere and have seen a hell of a lot of New Eden and the people in it. I’ve also had vastly more destruction caused by CCP than I have by other players. Everything from nerfing all of my tanking skills to charging my ability to compensate by being fast, sneaky and slippery, to stomping on mining and industry. These are just a few, if I add to that the physical assault on my eyes with things like making small fonts smaller, forcing window transparency and trashing sound to the point where I can’t fix it.
It starts to seem like there’s someone at CCP actively sabotaging Eve because they are disgruntled or something.
Maybe it’s always been like this, they create something and then wreck it, I don’t know, I haven’t been around long enough I suppose, but I do know that it’s seriously pissed off a lot of people that have been playing for a long time and I have been seeing one thing after another become their final straw. Now I just don’t see them anymore.
One of the biggest things about Eve that I have been aware of since it’s begining was lore. I have been reading stuff about Eve for almost two decades and have always found it facinating, seeing the reality was a little less than impressive, and oddly enough one of the worst nerfs for me was the recent removal of everyone’s cultural stuff. I have five very active characters, all omega paid for with regular money, I’ve never made enough ingame to even consider plexing them, all five don’t make enough in six months to Plex one account. The reason I made all of them is simply because of the cultural differences, I found it facinating and then, for no evident reason it was removed. I’m not even into roll playing, I’m too scatterbrained to keep track of that stuff, but I did want to create characters with some depth and their own histories.
It’s stuff like that that makes me understand what the original poster is saying, and I don’t think he’s trolling even though my reasons for thinking similar things are different from his.
I don’t give a damn about the CSM there’s a few, two to be exact, people I would vote for if I thought that the CSM was something other than a way of shifting blame or as a volunteer scapegoat brigade.
I don’t even care about the existence of the blue donut, to me it’s just a big huge fat target waiting for me to get better at PvP, and I will get better at it if I don’t keep getting everything I try to do nerfed.
Or have to sit and watch all my friends leave to go play other games out of frustration.
Anyhow, I don’t think this guy’s post fall into the category of trolling, or even bitching, I think it’s just a sad observation of a trend that to me at least is impossible to not notice.
I’ve said this a number of times, I didn’t sign up to fight a bunch of programmers or some asshole in the marketing department, I signed up to fight other players, or work with them to do stuff. It’s becoming increasingly aggravating to do so.


Yeah, 100% troll.

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Why do you think that?

Actually I guess what I want to know is if I’ve been trolled, if so I guess they got me.

Your learning fast! Don’t mind Scoots, he weeds out the weak and helps those that need it when no one else will.


Strangely this thread left me feeling kind of weak (and maybe like I’ve been had) and in need of some sort of help, like… How the hell do I not get sucked in by trolls?
I’m too friggin gullible maybe.

It’s called being naive. I lost apx 10 bil cuz of it. Live and learn! :beer:

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I anticipated a lot of the reaction that you’re seeing from people here. Try not to take it too seriously, a lot of the people on this forum just want to fight you for the sake of it, to be ‘edgy’ or ‘cool.’ I thank you for sharing your thoughts. As I said before, I made this thread in the hope of making a place for people who see it differently to discuss it.


I apricate your honesty and candor. That being said, CCP is bending you over with sand and no lube…


My main point is it just seems like the developers only want to strangle all the play styles out of the game that don’t lead to massive amalgamations of players sitting in tidi in null or on gates in low. I don’t begrudge people who enjoy that, but I thought Eve was soooooo much more then that. Over the last six weeks it’s looked more and more like I was wrong to hold out that hope.

Join a massive block, or watch your gameplay die. Okay. Cool.
It makes me very sad.


dont talk about low
its kinda unfair
ccp wants to ■■■■ low to

Even with tdi, big battles make news/promo. I can see why there going this way, I’ll stick to small gangs for me though.

At this point, what does CCP not want to ■■■■ up???