Where is the lore?

shows nothing :frowning:

where are the chronicles of old?

They are showing for me. Literally googled them and got the same link as you.

Please provide a screenshot so people can try and troubleshoot for you.

just shows emptiness

Have you tried here?

Can still see them here through that link.

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Looks like they’re using some kind of funky javascript. Make sure you have javascript enabled, an adblocker may also interfere with it.

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when i freshly reimaged my machine I picked up vanilla AVG which installed an ad blocker which silently failed on half my stuff.


Yep, there’s too many of the “free” malware detection tools that have that habit, code re-writing, adding unrequested applications, changing default settings without warning.
Not a good sign from something that’s meant to stop exactly that kind of behaviour.

If you are running Windows 10 then Windows Defender is now a good option for a free pure malware detection and blocking tool within a largely MS environment. It does avoid playing whack-a-mole with the third-party tricks and games to get you to add on their various odds and ends and “upgrades” to a paid option.

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