Which of these terms are correct?

  • W-space
  • J-space
  • K-space
  • Don’t know
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None of the above?

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Its J-space because you cannot pronounce W-space

How are you still allowed to post here?


I think it just depends on the person. But, it’d help to actually have some more context. From what I can tell, you’re asking about wormhole terminology?

I tried to delete the topic but it wont let me

For context wormholes is sort of new to me and in recent discussion someone used the term J-space. So i wanted to create a poll about it and also maybe get some one interested in j-space? I think most people probably never heard about wormholes aka j-space but that’s besides the point. I figured out why people called it j-space… and i learn toward using that term too now. So i closed the poll and asked moderators to delete it since it wont let me do it myself. Sorry for any inconvenience. (i have a goal of posting less)


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+1 for Outer-Space.

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Don’t know as HighSec is my safe space!

Closed due a Request of the Op.