Which tools to use? Help me out please :)

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Dear community,

Long story short. I want to create a website, using only known EVE tools, that can serve as an entry point for:

  • TS3 registration
  • Forum registration
  • Basic character monitoring

All by using API/CREST/whatever.

I’m quite skilled in Linux, LEMP stacks, infrastructure etc. BUT I’m an absolute beginner, when it comes to API/CREST and so on.

I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with a LEMP stack on it.

How do I proceed from here? I have browsed this page https://github.com/devfleet/awesome-eve - but I’m clueless as where to start.

Which tools do I need for what? Is there a bundle somewhere, that has the lot?

Any help is much appreciated.

(lost packet) #2

SMF forums with TEA:

phpBB3 with plugin

(Reknaw CEO) #3

Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion. How about TS3 registration, etc.?

EDIT: Seems like TEA does it all, duh.

(Reknaw CEO) #4

Hmm TEA seems awfully outdated. Any other suggestions?

(lost packet) #5

They both do TS3 registration.

The main difference is TEA allows you to add people based on roles such as director etc.
TEA is also API based. A lot of people still use TEA - it works well too.

The phpbb3+plugin combination allows TS3 registration, assigning to groups based on corp or alliance name not roles. The main advantage with the phpbb3 one is that fact it’s based on EVE Single Signon so you don’t have to worry about API stuff.

Recently installed the phpbb3 combo a couple of weeks ago for us and works flawless.

Almost Broken forum

(Reknaw CEO) #6

Thanks a lot for your guidance. I have been trying to get TEA to function for 8 hours now. It’s very much deprecated.

  • Does not work with PHP5.6, PHP7.0. I believe PHP5.5 i max it can use

Going to try PhpBB