White Fang Militia (Minmatar FW) needs you!

Hey there!

Who are we?
We’ve recently established White Fang Militia [F3R4L] to have fun in lowsec. We fight for the Minmatar militia and generally make money to PVP by running complexes, missions and wherever possible killing Amarr militia players.
We try very hard to foster an environment of inclusivity and there’ll almost always be someone on comms or slack to talk to.
We operate an optional buyback programme and have access to a great wormhole for PI if that’s your thing to make ISK.

What we can offer you:
• A really good comunity.
• Teamspeak
• Friends
• And ofc kills lots of kills.
• A shiney KB
What we’re looking for:
• Alpha clone players of every race are very welcome.
• We value maturity, patience, humour and teamwork. Skill points come with time, but a good attitude is priceless.
• We welcome people of all ages, races, sexualities, gender identities, belief systems, and so on and want you to feel welcome and accepted in our community.
• We’re looking for capsuleers who are interested in shooting at spaceships with us and want to help each other get better at pvp.

If the above sounds like your kind of internet spaceship game, apply in-game to White Fang Militia.

See you in the black!


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Bump! :sunglasses:

[F3R4L] Still recruiting ! :love_you_gesture: Alphas/Newbros most welcome ! :love_you_gesture:


Still recruiting, folks!


Come join us :slight_smile: great fun

we’re still out shooting the ammarians :slight_smile:

Yo come join us for high quality pvp and fun <3

Bump! Come and join the cool (but extremely geeky) kids! :sunglasses:

still here boys and girls :slight_smile:

We’re still here and ive got ships for all, so come join and lets blow stuff up aye!

aye come join the fun :slight_smile:

Still open for business!

Always open for new guys :slight_smile:

Hey guys, what timezones do you mostly operate within?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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