White Fang Militia Needs You!

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Hey there!

Who are we?
We’ve recently established White Fang Militia [F3R4L] to have fun in nullsec. We are founding members of Plantagenet Arms [PLARMS] & looking for PvPers to bolster our ranks (PvP corps wanting to join us as a group, please get in touch as well).
We try very hard to foster an environment of inclusivity and there’ll almost always be someone on comms or Slack to talk to.
We operate an optional buyback programme and have access to a great wormhole for PI if that’s your thing to make ISK.

What we can offer you:
• A really good community.
• Teamspeak
• Friends
• And ofc kills lots of kills.
• A shiney KB
What we’re looking for:
• Alpha clone players of every race are very welcome.
• We value maturity, patience, humour and teamwork. Skill points come with time, but a good attitude is priceless.
• We welcome people of all ages, races, sexualities, gender identities, belief systems, and so on and want you to feel welcome and accepted in our community.
• We’re looking for capsuleers who are interested in shooting at spaceships with us and want to help each other get better at pvp.

If the above sounds like your kind of internet spaceship game, apply at http://recruitment.zodiac-syndicate.space/ by signing in with your Eve keys & sharing your token with White Fang Militia on the Finalise Options page.

See you in the black!


Looking for a uk corp
Looking for NPC null corp
Looking for good corp
Returning player Looking for new home :)
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Always open, drop in for a chat! https://www.hipchat.com/gzophmqSb

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New player looking for a corp
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Exciting times are coming! Whether you’re a new player, returning player or a PvP cor who is looking for anew opportunity please get in touch :slight_smile:

130m SP Player + other alts returning to the game
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Bumpy McBumpson :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting!

(Actos Shepurd) #8

Still looking for new buddies!

2 110mil sp Pilots looking for a small/mid scale pvp corps
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F3R4L is always open for players, both new & old folks. Anything goes in Plantagenet Arms (see the alliance advert if your corp is looking for a new alliance)

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Always open for business, folks!

(Kat en Marland) #11

Newbies & returning players, or people looking for a change of pace always welcome!

(Xak Aideron) #12

Still open for business folks, come & get some!

Finding it hard to find a corp
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It’s been a while since this thread was bumped, but we’re still open & active!

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