Why can't I sell the Frozen plant seeds?

I’m simply unable to sell them or I just can’t find the proper place. Any help is appreciated!

In order to sell something, there needs to be a buyer. This is just like the real world. You must seek a market that is buying the product and sell it there. Jita is the best place for this.

Frozen Plant Seeds are a trade good that can be bought from and sold directly to NPC’s. This is a very old mechanic and rarely worth while these days. A list of stations where they can be bought and sold : https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/type/45/

Buy orders are listed below the sell orders (or click the buy button in the top right). You’ll also see a few orders from players - not sure why, I don’t think that trade good is actually used for anything in the game.

It might be a part of some distribution mission system or something.

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