Why can't you edit posts in this section anymore?

Highly annoying that you’re unable to edit posts made in this section anymore. Is it really better to have multiple threads for a corporation? This just bloats the search results.

Why was this change made?

EDIT: Apparently this is for certain corporation threads that have been around for a while because I’m able to toy with this thread… why are there limits in place?

too true. Was curious about this for a while now. I think they have an “edit limit” in place. but not sure since I can’t edit my post that’s what I’m assuming

I don’t think it is restricted to this section, one of my oldest threads that is closing to be three years old by now I can not edit the OP anymore though I was able to some months ago or such so either time limited or post-count based limit or something and that thread is in a different section altogether. And agreed quite annoying.

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