Why is Vanguard playtesting kept under wraps?

So there is already a semi public playtest of Vanguard, but the people who are invited to play it are under NDA and it will be lifted in 10 days from now it seems. But why is there a need for this kind of secrecy? And do the people who decided it should be a thing think a NDA will stop the average player from “leaking” what he experienced until then? Just curious :slight_smile:

But i think i know the answer. The NDA is probably just for fun. And the game was just developed for fun and its all a big joke. But lets see :slight_smile:

Nothing unusual about putting an NDA on playtesting a new game.

Ahh i see, you are just trolling…

Nothing to see here, move along!

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Assuming this wont get delisted for “trolling” then you can come back and laugh how wrong i was if that was the case. Do you know what i mean?

For anyone who really wants to know the answer to this, there are generally two reasons. One is to protect your ideas from falling into the hands of competitors prior to the launch of your product. That’s probably not the issue here, though.

The second is because people will do what people do and expect that the unfinished test is an exact representation of the final product, for better or for worse. In the case that the final product is better (e.g. bugs fixed), it will not matter all that much to people who’ve seen the pre-release and how it was worse. In the case that features had to be cut for some reason, people will rage that they’re not there. Because of this, it is often in a company’s best interests to prevent the general public from developing any expectations until all testing is complete, all fixes for issues found during testing implemented, and all features are finalized.


Thanks for commenting. Those things seems like some unusual things to worry about. Where is the confidence :muscle:? Just curious?

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