[WIK.] Become a Viking

Who are we?

You ever felt like, ‘‘damn all these corp don’t have enough viking culture…’’ Well look no further Wiking Brigade is here to fulfill that empty space in your heart that wants to raid and pillage!
We are vikings at heart and our main goal is to spread fear and take the sweet sweet loot from the other powerhouses of null sec.

Our Corporation lives under the SOV holding alliance called Evictus, which also means we are apart of Legacy, but mainly do our own thing alongside another corp called ISMON.

What we offer:

  • Blops fleets, ranging from Bombers to the Black Ops Battleship
  • Protected space to do your daily ratting if that is your thing, from VNI to Supers
  • Moons!, thats right moons exist and we have access to that sweet sweet ore
  • Support from local veterans
  • Small gang roams, we are a PVP corp after all
  • Active and friendly corp mates, from a diverse background of eve history
  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for all fleet operations
  • Free ships on most of our fleets, because who wants to pay for stuff


  • Active participation if pvp operations
  • Have Mumble and Discord
  • Willingness to expand your PVP skills
  • Full ESI Screening required post joining

Contact us in-game if you are interested for a fast response, or reply on this forum!

Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps

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Another bumps

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