Wildcard - Small Gang PvP - US & EU TZ

Wildcard. [R0AMS] is Recruiting! C2 NS/C5 PvP Corporation

Killboard https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98651774/

Discord https://discord.gg/wP4Zm2P

Corporation Website and Application https://wildcardeve.com

About Us

Wildcard is a US/EU C2 NS/C5 Wormhole PvP Corporation. We focus on small gang pvp roaming, wormhole fighting, Jita filament fleets with friends, and the occasional black ops fleet.

We also recently placed 9th in the Alliance Tournament under our alliance Boundary Experts [125KM] and also run a team or two each year in the player run tournaments. When there’s not much happening in EVE we play a variety of other games together such as Albion, Tarkov, OSRS, LostArk, GW2, etc.

If you’re looking for a group who enjoys flying in smaller groups and has a chill culture, come stop by and learn more!

Recruitment Status:
Open in all timezones

What we offer to members:

  • Active PvP Content - We are very active across both the EU and US timezones doing a variety of pvp activities. We are rolling our null sec static every night looking for content, occasionally roll our C5 static to hunt dreads, and do regular Jita filament roams with friends.

  • Extremely active corp leadership in US and EU Timezones - Leadership is online and on Teamspeak on a daily basis and are organizing content multiple times a week.

  • Laid back mentality and corp culture - We try our best to create an environment that is chill and laid back for everyone. We understand this is just a game and don’t have any formal activity quotas, fleet participation requirements, or strat op fleets. We also do a secret santa every year and prefer recruiting people who are down to earth and friendly.

  • Free Roaming & Support Ships - We give free support & roaming ships to all full members who pass the trial period, so if you enjoy flying dictors, ceptors, or a Keres you’ll never have to worry about buying the hulls.

  • SRP Program - We have a SRP program for all comp-based fleets. We don’t fly structured comps very often, but when we do, the corp provides some SRP in the event of a feed.

  • PvE Structures in the Wormhole - We have a few PvE structures inside the wormhole if you’re into industry, and if you can provide a reason for needing a specialized structure with rigs we are more than happy to put one down.

  • Other Games - We have a corp Minecraft server and are always playing other games as a group if there’s nothing much going on in EVE.

We are officially recruiting new Trial members who can meet the following requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  • Recent PvP Activity (last 30 days)
  • Have a general knowledge of how wormholes work
  • 30M Skillpoints

Suggested Requirements

  • Dictor/Sabre Alt (or be willing to train into one)
  • Second Account which can fly something useful (Sabre, Scanning, Bomber, Links, etc.)
  • Logistics Cruisers V
  • Two or more racial cruisers to V with T3 support skills
  • Two or more medium weapon systems to V

How to Apply and how to get in touch

  • Join our in-game channel: R0AMS Public

  • Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/wP4Zm2P

  • Contacts:

    • CEO - Alchemist8 (Alch#6096)

    • USTZ Directors - Val Thropp (Valandil#0398), Avery Lewis (Avery Lewis#5114)

    • EUTZ Directors - Priamus Wyvern (Priamus#3812), back labackslack chew (CHEWYYY!!!#5297)

    • Recruiter - Sveinn Blot (waffleship#5098)

    • Recruiter - CharleyTheChair (Chair#9017)

  • Check out our Website to apply: https://wildcardeve.com

  • If you have any questions at all, please reach out!

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