Will PCs be able to hire NPC for the PC's Citadel

Agents have a Tab in Citadels, it’s empty, but the Tab is there for Agents.

Not just Agents to run Missions with, but what about R&D Agents?

When will Players be able to populate their Citadels with Non Players?

While i do realize that PC is a legit term it is the first time in 10 years online gaming i actually saw it used by a normal player.

And CCP stated back when citadels where on the horizon that it is their intention to add NPCs like agents we haven´t heard anything about it yet. And as citadels are still far away from being in a good spot and POS feature parity still isn´t reached (as long as jump bridges aren´t replaced) i am safe to assume we won´t hear anything about this before 2020 (serious evaluation). So maybe come back end of next year and ask this question again?

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Probably never, too many citadels, people would just spam high level agents essentially for free in their space, its doubtful this will ever happen, CCP did experiment with NPC entities that could be hired for industry (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Teams) which failed massively and was removed, its unlikely they would want to recreate this considering how many citadels there are in new eden, it would have to cost the station owners massive amounts of ISK to have them and most entities would either struggle to afford this or be able to hire hundreds of agents thereby making themselves even richer in the process, there is no middle ground for this

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PC is a legit term for last 40(?) years since 8088 i believe.

I thought about this way back when citadels were first being discussed. My idea was to go down this long rabbit hole that ended with almost no NPC stations. As part of that, most current agents would not have a place to operate and players could hire them at thier station. Agents would have a salary that the players had to pay, but the owner would (hopefully) make money off the mission runners. If someone stockpiled agents, you could take down thier structure to get them back. The only issue with my original idea was the source of LP and mission rewards, do they come from the station owner or the NPC corp?

That is nice idea. Probably PC would have to pay the agent some cash, and there could be a pool of them available, sort of movable agents that would be auctioned around universe for some time limited contract. He would then move in with his office and give out lucrative missions to corporation members. Or would locate people for you.

There would also have to be other limitations. I Shouldn’t be able to hire say a level 4 Cal navy agent when I am in Guerista space. Otherwise, large nul groups could just keep all high level agents in their space causing massive complaints for Hi sec dwellers.

Also standings should play a role.
My corp with horrible gal standings should not be able to hire a level 4 Gal agent.

So people would just create alt corps :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think this coud be a bunch of NPC corporations that are neutral, not navy but for example Quafe. Hi sec alts of null dwellers already can have access to all high level agents. It would only be more convenient to have them available in very short distance. With LP store.

As for standings, I agree. Hiring agent would need good reputation with that corporation.

I also dont think there should be one agent for each citadel there is, maybe 1 “traveling” agent per NPC corporation available for auction and that is all.

I am hoping that this is for a CONCORD Agent that allows the owner of the citadel to declare more than 4 war decs, and should the citadel be destroyed then all but 4 war decs end. It would shake hisec up a lot, as war decking the wrong entity would have consequences…

LP points tab should be moved to wallet also, and LP should be exchangable across all NPC corporations with different rates. More hostile corporations to each other = more worse exchange rate.

There should also be a possibility to give LP to PC corporation wallet with exchange rate, receiving ISK from corporation wallet. The rate would have to be edited by corporation leadership with proper roles.

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