Winnie Blues and VB Crew [WBVB] - AUTZ Null sec Corp is recruiting!

:parrotbeer: :parrotbeer: Winnie Blues and VB Crew is Recruiting!! :parrotbeer: :parrotbeer:

We are a primarily AUTZ based corporation with a good USTZ group, in the alliance Tactical Supremacy.
We are looking for new members who are willing to contribute to the team, show a willingness to participate in fleets and help grow our great community we have in our corporation.

We can offer content from small gang roams to large scale TiDi fights, We have experienced members in all walks of EVE, a laid back community willing to help each other out, Alliance Buyback programs, a new bro/returning pilot friendly environment where no question is a stupid question.

If YOU are interested in joining Please join our Discord and press our Recruitment Emote, and have a chat to a recruiter today
Or join our in game Public Channel - WBVB Pub

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Can confirm these are gud guys,

I joined with an alt I was not sure I’d use much, while I was waiting to get my main back into signal cartel after a break winning eve, this pilot is now my main and I’ve moved all my pilots into WBVB.

I’ve had a blast since joining!

To quote a recent recruit “I’ve learnt more here in 2 days and had more fun, than other corps I’ve been in”

Bump after fun efficient fleets

Post-DT Bumps

Recruitment is still open!
Contact a recruiter today!

Friendly bump


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