(Beckz Auty) #1

As above selling myself


I have min frig 5 small t2 ac and auto trained and all of the small t2 ship books injected comes with a full set of +3 implants

start me off with some bids

(Starlord Hekki) #2

2.8B offer

(Kamel Fera) #3

3b for him

(Doctor Niubility) #4

I love him very much .
Already get 3.3b for him.

(Kamel Fera) #5

Nothing seen on Bazar

(Johnathen Hudson) #6

then delete post

(Beckz Auty) #7

bump still considering offers

(Talon White) #8

3.5b and ready with the ISK. Can sort & deliver now (well, when the serve’s back online!)

(system) #9

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