[WrG.] Wraithguard is Recruiting for small gang 0.0 npc space pvp

Still recruiting!

These guys are good at small hang pvp. Long live the Curse Rats

Come lose some ships with us :slight_smile: We don’t care about KB stats

What we thought was going to be a slower night turned out to be a blast. We were outnumbered but we schooled the big bear in small gang tactics. Great job by everyone in fleet. Come join us for some fun

You know we are having fun, when the big boys have to drop caps on us to kill us!
Come join in the fun!

Recruitment is open again come check us out!!!

epic battle. nice to know people love shooting us. come join the fun

200 against 10-12 of us, hell we will take the fight.

Recruitment is still open

We are looking for pvp, pve, industry.