WTA 10 year old Pilot with clear history 5M SP

(Graveler) #1

I want to auction pilot with 5M SP (100k unallocated)
Character born 21.04.2008 (10 years)
In NPC corp from begining
Remap ready and 3 more Bonus Remaps.
No JC, no killrights, clear history, no positive or negative reputation (ghost-type player)

Starting bid: 3 Bil
Reserve: hidden
B/O: hidden

Auction ends few days after reaching reserve.
I’ll pay transfer through PLEX in game and GM transfer.


(Occultatum) #2

I’ll start you off with 3b

(Misaka Rin Peter) #3

4b then

(Graveler) #4

reserve not meet. but close

(The Onigiezer) #5

4.5b isk ready now

(Graveler) #6


(Sucz Snipera) #7

5b bid

(Graveler) #8

reserve meet. waiting for b/o offers

(Graveler) #9


(Graveler) #10


(Graveler) #11


(Graveler) #12


(Graveler) #13


(Graveler) #14

bump. b/o set to 6b

(Kouhaku) #15

could you please link https://eveskillboard.com/

(Graveler) #16

sure. here it is:


(Misaka Rin Peter) #17

If u got cyber V then surely I accept 6b:sunglasses:

(Nolegs) #18


(Graveler) #19

unfortunately it has Cyber 3. Will have Cyber 4 if you put unallocated SP in it. With actual Atributes you can make Cyber 5 in - 11 days and 6hours. If you remap (you can remap now and have additional 3 bonus remaps) to full INT and MEM - 10 days 10 hours, so its not so long.

ill sell it today to you if no one else give 6b b/o today mate.

lets say: 10 hours left to end of auction

(Graveler) #20

I accept your offer since no one gave 6b b/o