WTA 10 year old Pilot with clear history 5M SP

I want to auction pilot with 5M SP (100k unallocated)
Character born 21.04.2008 (10 years)
In NPC corp from begining
Remap ready and 3 more Bonus Remaps.
No JC, no killrights, clear history, no positive or negative reputation (ghost-type player)

Starting bid: 3 Bil
Reserve: hidden
B/O: hidden

Auction ends few days after reaching reserve.
I’ll pay transfer through PLEX in game and GM transfer.


I’ll start you off with 3b

4b then

reserve not meet. but close

4.5b isk ready now


5b bid

reserve meet. waiting for b/o offers






bump. b/o set to 6b

could you please link https://eveskillboard.com/

sure. here it is:


If u got cyber V then surely I accept 6b:sunglasses:


unfortunately it has Cyber 3. Will have Cyber 4 if you put unallocated SP in it. With actual Atributes you can make Cyber 5 in - 11 days and 6hours. If you remap (you can remap now and have additional 3 bonus remaps) to full INT and MEM - 10 days 10 hours, so its not so long.

ill sell it today to you if no one else give 6b b/o today mate.

lets say: 10 hours left to end of auction

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I accept your offer since no one gave 6b b/o