[WTA] Aequitae, 58m Multi-role Sub-cap PVP


Are you seeking a new, well rounded and pretty awesome character?

Well, I am for sale and looking for a new owner! So what do you really get?

  • 58,196,471 skillpoints; plus 554,705 unallocated SP.
  • Great cruiser specialist. Most things are trained well!
  • A full mid-grade amulet set with Gunnery RF-903, Evasive Maneuvering EM-703, Hull Upgrades HG-1003, Capacitor Management EM-803.
  • A small set with Astrometric Pinpointing AP-610, Astrometric Acquisition AQ-710, Astrometric Rangefinding AR-810.
  • Solid scanning skills.

There’s a lot more to her when you see her profile, so why not pop up and check her out on:


We start this off at 47B with a hidden BO!

Yes; you may not get top dollar extracting this baby but you will be combat ready AND capable; something that would take upto 150 skill injectors to do if you’d start it over from scratch! Plus a nice clone to boot!

I look forward to the bids!


(Aequitae leaves corp right after downtime but it may take ESI a while to update)

I confirm that I am for sale and that Colonel Tosh is my point of contact if any questions arise.

Daily bump <3

42b bid

Thanks for the bid!
It’s under my minimum however; so I will have to pass on it.

I had a private bid of 44,5b come in; but I have a minimum that I will not go below :slight_smile:


Let’s head back up.

Minimum bid is 47b. Anything below means I’ll just keep the character instead :slight_smile:

Heading back topside!

Hopefully you can play EVE again soon <3


Let me know your offers :slight_smile:

Anyone interested for a reasonable bid? :slight_smile:

Back to the top :slight_smile:


Looking for reasonable offers; it’s a decent toon with a nice set of implants.

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