WTA Multiple Abyssal mods (Web/Disrupt/MWD)

WTS The following Abyss Mods,
All are up for public negotiation except the MWD which you need to inquire in-game through Eve-Mail.

Lets shake things up a little eh?

These 3 are in an auction contract together.
DB web - Auction in progress
FedNavy web - Starting Price : Auction in progress
CN Point - Starting Price : Auction in progress
Contracts under : Kyun Kim Park

MWD - Still stands. Message through in-game means (STILL AVAILABLE).

All estimations made using mutaplasmid.space website to see the mod with the closest stats.
e.g: Closest web (or better) on the site to DB web (Please do correct if im using the site wrong)

**May have been lowballing myself (or fooling myself however you like to see it)…

Mods sill available.

B U M P. (Sadly) Still available :frowning:

Persistence is key to selling these things right? Anyway, daily bump.

Daily bump. Still available. Please. Buy them :frowning: they’re lonely.

Daily Bump. Still no offers on any of the mods, 1b offer was retracted. (aww).

Daily Bump. Prices! wow!

Christmas Bump!

Will bundle all except the MWD into a public auction contract in 2 days if no offers on the individual mods will be received. Thanks all.

Public auction up in Jita,
starting bid 500m
BO : 4B.
excluding the MWD.
Prices above are irrelevant and will be edited out.

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