WTA Orca toon with Michi's implant

Jita ready
Npc corp
positive wallet
no kill rights
Michi’s Excavation Augmentor implant
buy out 21b


Still open for reasonable offers, buy out is 21b


13b :slight_smile:

15b bump


18b buy out

Thank you for your bid @Hemm_Hemah
Buy out price is 21b
Auction ends in 3 days

let’s be clear, bid 18b is valid for 24 hours from the time of this message. if you don’t want to sell at that price right now, then my bid will be 15b.

Alright then current valid bid is 15b

Reserve is 18b guyz you can do better than that

21B full price offer

Congratz and thank you

Should i wait for isk on my main before transfering the character ? It’s my first toon selling sorry -_-

I am going to send ISK to you in the next 10 minutes and am also going to send you the account info for transfer. Once you receive ISK, transfer the ISK to your main and initiate transfer of the character to my account that I provide in the in-game email. Make sure Brutos has a positive ISK balance and is an NPC Corp.

Alright perfect thank you

ISK has been transferred and email send with account name

ISK recieved, let me just finish some transfer contracts and let me know the account you want me to transfert to.

Character should be tranfered now