WTA RORQ Miner pilot seling

pass 123
Drone Interfacing / Rank 5 / Level: 5
Mining Drone Specialization / Rank 5 / Level: 5
Capital Industrial Ships / Rank 12 / Level: 5
Industrial Reconfiguration / Rank 8 / Level: 5

i will pay transfer fee.
Positive wallets
No kill rights
NPC corp.
No theft or debts to anyone
Starting bid : 16bil Each
Buyout: 25bil Each

Bidding at 0001 EvE time on Sunday 24 December

pass error

pass 111

doesnt work

16b B/O

No jump skills :sleepy: but solid otherwise


17B B/O

Offer withdrawn. You arent getting 25bn for this char btw lol



i can offer 17.5 b

ISK and account ID sent

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