WTB ~10-20Mil SP ceptor dictor pilot

Looking for a tackle alt, to put it bluntly.

15bil budget.
The Main wants, in order: Magic 14 - Ceptor - Dictor - Scanner - other frig/desie skills.

I mean you can’t go wrong with a Sabre pilot called Sabre Pilot. No SP wasted on anything else but Sabres (aside from skill farming some useless science skills that you can exctract). I also have a character called “Instalock Stiletto Girl” if you like.

Just two problems: I can’t sell Sabre Pilot below 20b and it would be a heresy to make him fly ceptors.

thats a crazy tune, I ■■■■ with it hard, but I couldn’t bring my self to tarnish it by flying a 10mn heretic or malediction with it.

Ill keep it on my short list for now.
Thanks for the offer