WTB 2 Ice mining toons (exhummer)

I want to buy two exhumer pilots, with ice minnig skills and ice upgrades skills.

  • LVL 5 Barge
  • LVL 5 Ice mining

let me know if you got what i need…

I have ten ice mining toons.
Add"https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/" to the front of the names to see their skillboard as CCP only allow me to put two links here
T2 ice miners
Operator_12 5.3B 6.7MSP 2remaps Exhumer 5
Operator_14 3.4B 4.8MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_15 3.4B 4.8MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_16 3.4B 4.8MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_-17 3.3B 4.7MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_18 3.3B 4.7MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_19 2.3B 3.8MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_20 3.3B 4.7MSP 2remaps Exhumer 4
Operator_21 3.1B 4.5MSP 1remaps Exhumer 5
Progodlegend_ALT 4.5B 5.5MSP 2remaps Exhumer 5

All ccp rules apply and I pay the fee

what does 2remaps/1remaps mean ?

remap of attributes

Operator_14/15/16 for 9bil ?

Can you do 9.5 Bil? Since I have to pay 60 dollars for the transfer

give me a day to make the accounts ready were they need to be put on :wink:

Ok i got the accounts ready. How are we going to do this ?

Transfer isk to me “Progodlegend ALT” and with a mail telling me which character to which account plz

Will do it right after work!

2 out of 3 accounts have been transfert. Waiting on the last one.

well CCP banned me from transferring the last char since I have transferred her before to another account(which is also mine). I have submitted support ticket to CCP yesterday at this time but still no reply yet. Will get u updated and I fell really sorry about that.

Does it help if i aply a ticket also ?

I am not @Progodlegend_ALT but must be simple. In the past i do some transfer between my accounts and then sold and never have this type of problem.
Question of wait i assume

thanks for the info m8 :slight_smile:

just find I am free to transfer them! Sorry for the delay and the char is on her way

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