WTB 2 Structure Component BPO 8ME+

WTB the following BPO:
Structure Acceleration Coils Blueprint
Structure Hangar Array Blueprint

8+me, preferably 8
best 12TE + but it’s not required.

I have a Hangar Array - 10/14 - 850m. Available when it comes out of a copying job in 51 hours from this post, located in contiguous high. If you are interested I can supply copies to tide you over the next 51 hours as well.

(Though if ME 9 is enough, there is an underpriced ME 9 one someone else listed on public contracts available now that you may wish to snaffle up)

I also have an 8/12 Acceleration Coils available for 410m. This would be available immediately and is in the same location (quiet contiguous high).

EVEmail if interested.

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