WTB 200MSP+ 250b Budget

(Syclone Six) #1

Hey guys,

I am looking for a sub cap specialist with 200mSP+

Please do not post:

Cap Pilots
Industry Waste
Science focus
Cluttered Skill Distribution

Bonus for:

Missile Mastery
Clean focused skill tree with very little holes(example- skills trained to 1-3)

Thats it! Thanks!


(IChooseYou) #2


174mil sp and some cap skills, but with your budget you could buy him and inject some extra sp.

(Syclone Six) #3

Thank you, I will take a look!

Also, for other players that might not want to post on the forum. Feel free to mail me in game.

(pasifist) #4

Take a look at me !

(system) #5

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