WTB 30M-40M SP ISHTAR or Near Ishtar Pilot!


(Phan Korbal) #1

wtb 30 to 40 million skillpoint ishtar pilot…

will consider buying one very close to flying ishtar with supporting drone skills ( ie. Sentries , Heavy, Light )

Sheild skills a plus

ISK is ready … post skillboards here or mail in game !

(Phan Korbal) #2

Up up doesnt have to be 30m either can 25m

(Stefen Raven) #3


Over 7 mil sp in drones

(Phan Korbal) #4

Depend on ur price

(Stefen Raven) #5

price agreed 34 bil with having this toon able to fly an isthar

(Phan Korbal) #6

agreed… please post eveskillboard here to show updated skills

(Phan Korbal) #7

isk and account information sent … thank you very much… awaiting transfer confirmation

(system) #8

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