WTB 35~40M Caldari PVE pilot

(Pontty Mori) #1

WTB 35~40M Caldari PVE pilot
good med drone
good engineering
good missiles
good navigation
good shield

no capital ship
focus on Caldari cruiser battlecruiser and battleship


(Talon Kayd) #2

Caldari Pilot myself ,mainly a fan Of a Tengu for mission running can run most lev 4 Cal Agent’s and a few Amaar Lev 4’s ,corp is alway’s looking for new pilot’s ,look me up Online.

(Solonius Rex) #3

He is not trying to join a corp, he is trying to buy a character.

So unless one of your corpmates is selling their chars, youre replying in the wrong way.

(Pontty Mori) #4