WTB 50-60 Mill SP

WTB 50-60mill SP toon
+Logistics Cruisers
+Heavy Assault Cruiser

Looking for a decent sidekick to my main


How much for this one?



Very good orca mining
Exhumer IV
Ishtar (Heavyu assault cruiser)

Currently training int/mem, you dont have problem to configure to your issues of logistics.

I have the best toon, saved him just for you. 52mil SP, He’s a mission runner, Marauder, Hac, Heavy dictor, even can fly a capitol in limited time. Best for you.


Norton Commando I can offer you 28 B as the extraction value of 28.2.

Why would I take extraction values, he’s looking for a toon, you want the toon pay the total value then extract what you want. I don’t care what you do with it once you buy it. Ill accept a 50B

make a offer has mid grade slaves and crystals

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