WTB 80mil+ SP Character - subcap (and possibly dread) focussed

Cyb 5 is a requirement

Show me anything you have, worst I can say is no :). Mail Envin ingame if you want to keep it private (though post in the thread if you do so I know to login and check).

  • excellent core skills
  • excellent missile skills (T2 cruise preferred)
  • all t2/t3 cruisers preferred, but not required
  • all medium weapon skills, t2 preferred but not required in gunnery)
  • excellent tengu and raven skills

All other race ships/etc would be nice, pvp skills a bonus, but those aren’t required.

Skill for a Dread will be considered, I don’t want carrier skills though (we can discuss extracting carrier skills after a deal is made if you’d like)

Agreed to sell according to terms specified in-game
Positive wallet
NPC corp
No killrights
All CCP rules apply

ISK and Account Details sent.

Received. Initiating transfer

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