WTB a Focused Rev Toon and a Fax Toon!

Both toons need to be focused skilled, no other “not needed” skills .
Nyx toon Need to have T2 Fighters ,
Titan toon needs to be Focused skilled too .

Bump !!

Bump !!

how about this one?

How much ?

im pretty sick avatar pilot… check my skills(including amarr titan V, doomsday V, etc). also have multiple titan level implant sets(or OP dread implant sets)

you can make your best legit offer

I offer 45 B

What do you say about my offer ?

na not interested. About 10 bil to low for me.

not sure why it doesnt show it in the skillboard i linked or i dont know how to find it but i have 2 HG slave clones. One with 6% hardwires and the other with 5% hardwires.

focused T2 Rev
Capital Pulse Laser Specialization V
Amarr Dreadnought 4 , have 1m Unallocated SP can up to V now~

also you can skill to Avata.

WTS this for 33B

Has too many extra sp .

Sorry , already got one .

Bump ! still looking for a focused Rev toon !

FOCUSED REV, REALLY. im asking for 69bil B/O with hi-amulet set 1-10 in char, and so good name called “Feed”

That’s too many Sp .
Just looking for a 20 mil sp rev toon .

Bump !

To the top we go !

Still want sell?

have you sold?