WTB Abyssal 5mn Micro-warp Drives

Rolls don’t have to me amazing, just better than a meta 5mn.

Roll requirements:
Powergrid under: 15.3
CPU under: 26.5
Max Velocity above: 505%
Activation cost: don’t care
Signature Radius: lower is preferred (below 500%) but its fine if it a big ol butt, I still want it.

Still lookin

whats ur budget?

High. But it has to be reasonable to what was spent to make the module. If it was used on a 5mn compact with a decayed, less than 10mil was spent. With 5 Roll factors which are more negative than not, lets say you have to do this 4 times before it meets the requirements above, so that’s 40mil. So for a module like that I’m willing to pay 50-60mil.

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