I accept your offer.

@KenshinOne Isk & Details sent

Would you be interested in: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pyrus_Octavius

Thank you.

@Pyrus_Octavius 79b

Too low. Sorry.

@Pyrus_Octavius well 81 is the best I can do :frowning:

I posted a sale for a BO for 90B.

cool, I’m not going to offer that :slight_smile:

character sent

to the top!

Top Top and away!

Price check on Scanning alt?

@Indranil_Roy can’t offer you anything for this character

@Seven_Pickles 10b

Need an estimate on this one.

RFS: setting up a new account for “ground up” experience on a less frequent cycle.

need a password :slight_smile:

unpassworded it - it has been a long time.

@Senestrina_Narvi 16b

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@Bananaboat_Blues Thanks for the quote. I will message again once I can get a transfer out- IRL finances happening currently.

Just trying to have a insight how much this is worth