❤ WTB ALL Mining/ Industrial Characters

Post Skillboards below → http://char.tools4eve.com/

:moneybag: Paying around Estimated Extraction value!
:mag_right: Looking for Chars around 10m-30m SP+
:white_check_mark: All Char Bazzar Rules apply Positive Wallet/NPC Only.

Best payouts for characters with:

  • Cybernetics V
  • Mining Barge V
  • Mining Frigate V
  • Advanced Mass Production IV
  • Advanced Mass Reactions IV
  • Advanced Laboratory Operation IV

Eveskillboard is invalid
Char.tools4eve.com is the link

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(post deleted by author)

3.5B offer


Positive wallet.
Neutral npc corp
No kill rights
Docked in High-Sec Jita starting price 45b (Character Sheet

hey i can bid 4.5 bil for you

You’re not willing to budge on 45b?

Yes, I can sell for 45b, but the sale goes through CCP so there are problems with the transfer. It requires the name of the character in the game of the buyer and free space on the account. After receiving the nickname, I write to CCP they transfer the character. If you are satisfied, then I am ready.

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