WTB apparels

Looking for multiple apparels following.
Offering 1 Bill for each.

Men’s ‘Strider’ pants (monochrome)
Men’s ‘Ascend’ Boots (White/Gold)
Men’s ‘Hephaestus’ Shoes (Cyan)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (White)
Men’s ‘Curate’ Coat (White Gold)
Men’s ‘Marchal’ Jacket (Sisters of EVE)
Men’s ‘Form’ T-shirt (desert camo)
Women’s ‘Excursion’ Pants (matte red)
Women’s ‘Impress’ Skirt (brown leather)
Women’s ‘Impress’ Skirt (marine)
Women’s ‘Impress’ Skirt (matte blue)
Women’s ‘Impress’ Skirt (matte red)
Women’s ‘Poise’ Pants (blue)
Women’s ‘Poise’ Pants (glossy red)
Women’s ‘Poise’ Pants (red)
Women’s ‘Structure’ Skirt (black/white)
Women’s ‘strut’ Pants (red)
Women’s ‘strut’ Pants (red gloss)
Women’s ‘Hover’ Tights (white)
Women’s ‘corsair’ Heels (gray)
Women’s ‘corsair’ Heels (red)
Women’s ‘Hephaestus’ Shoes (Cyan) - CLOSED
Women’s ‘Minima’ Heels (turquoise)
Women’s ‘Mitral’ Boots (dark red)
Women’s ‘Mitral’ Boots (dark blue)
Women’s ‘Mystrioso’ Boots (brown/black)
Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Sisters of EVE)
Women’s ‘Rocket’ Dress (purple)
Women’s ‘Structure’ Dress (gold/black)
Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (matte black)
Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (matte blue)
Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (green satin)
Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (matte olive)
Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (orange satin)

PM me in-game or leave comments here if you have one to sell. Price is flexible and always welcome for offers.
If you have rare apparels you think it’s worth for me, please leave comment or PM me with your offer as well.

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After Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Blood Raiders Black) ?

Unfortunately it’s not in my deal

I’ve got a full set of the Women’s ‘Hephaestus’ Cyan set - Shoes, Pants and Shirt.

Give it to ya for 2.5b.

Located in Jita.

I’ll take it.
Issue private contract on jita 4-4 towards this character please.

Done, contract made.

accepted. Thanks for the deal.

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Buying :wink:

Your forgotten lovely apparels seeking new owner !

Buying 24/7 ! :heart_eyes:

Check your wardrobe and give new roles for lovely apparels ! :wink:

Always ISK ready and you have only to find your forgotten apparels :heart_eyes:

Buying :airplane:

You know you wanna sell your apparels :wink:

Buying ~

Your apparels in the attic need to be taken care of :wink:

buying ~ :sleeping:

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