WTB Avatar Pilot (Partials/Good Starters aswell)


(Fiorina Kulai) #1

Looking to buy an Avatar Pilot. Partial Avatar Pilots with good core skills or even starter Pilots that have like 10 mil SP but are heavily focused are good aswell. Hit me up here or shoot me and ingame mail

(Fiorina Kulai) #2

bump, still looking

(SarnBix) #3

what is your budget for one?

(Fiorina Kulai) #4

anything will be considered, but i would probably not go into the triple digit billions

(Hallabackgirll) #5

i have a character i might be willing to sell message tekilaman in game

(Hallabackgirll) #6

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tekilaman for the right price i might be willing to sell it… but you would have to wow me

(Hallabackgirll) #7

password 1234

(Tekilaman) #8

confirmed for sale

(system) #9

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