Wtb basic combat toon (5 - 20m SP)

please reply here, i don’t check my mail very often:)


4 bill very basic has some targeting and gunnery support to level 4 with hybrid and projectile turret to 5. And light drones to 5.

6.9 mil sp. The great thing about this character is that you can request ccp to change its name, this shall let this character truly be yours. Both bonus remaps are there for you to use. This character can also fly a drekavac. It is skilled mostly in gunnery (2.7 mil sp) then in missiles (643k sp) and lastly drones (575k sp). It has a sound corp history, only joining a newbro corp, a hs structure destroying corp (for 1 day), a WH corp and a corp with only this character in it. The fitting skills have been trained, along with extras! Advanced weapon upgrades and weapon upgrades have points to make sure your most taxing fits shall still be usable. nobody should have to swap for meta modules because they don’t have the cpu or pg. It has 3 jump clones in Hek, amarr and Jita for emergency travelling. It can pvp but it can also do many other things. It has skill points spread out just incase you have to, I don’t know have a fleet in a wormhole. There are scanning skills trained. I quote the price at 7-8 bil :slight_smile:

@Caldari_Citizen_2114811602 just an FYI the rules for sales of characters you cannot include any assets in the sale sure you can leave assets on them and they will go with the char to the new account but they cannot be included in the sale price. Only skill points, standings for various NPC factions, implants plugged into it and its various clones, and skins can be included in the price as well as any fame can be used to ramp up the price or great names (and option to change name like you have).

Welcome to the Character Bazaar give the rules a read when you got a chance :wink:

Thanks. I’ll be more careful.

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