WTB high sp toon with good combat skills

I am looking for high sp character, ideally 100+ m sp. It must have good combat skills. My budget is 100 bil isk. Please send me your links and offers here or in game.

price: 90 bil isk https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kriptman

Conside Shatered Valor, has good tanking skills both Armor and Shield, with a good basis for being a logi pilot, also good drone, gunnery and missiles skills, many SS Command skills on lvl5 already. give it a look if interested:

price is good, I ll buy the toon.

Please send isk and account info to my alt: Rejer

I sent you isk and info

check me out: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/inub , little less sp, but can fly Wyvern and I let it go for 65 bil isk.

Contacted in game, agreed on 65 bil buyout, isk and transfer info have been sent. Thanks!

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